Wayne, watch out! More men chat up Coleen during week-long hen party in the sun

With fiance Wayne Rooney safely thousands of miles away and facing Chelsea today, his bride-to-be Coleen McLoughlin was attracting no shortage of male admirers during a week-long hen party in Miami.

As if photographs of would-be suitors chatting Coleen, 22, up in Miami's infamous nightclubs weren't enough, she has since been photographed sunning herself in her bikini by the pool ... surrounded by more admiring men.
Coleen Mcloughlin
Peak fitness: With her stunning figure it's no wonder Coleen is attracting no shortage of male admirers

Coleen Mcloughlin
Laughing: She's young, rich and Coleen is clearly having the time of her life

Coleen was spending the day recovering from her venture into Miami's nightlife the night before, enjoying a swim, some fresh fruit ... and another bottle of vino along with the attention of her admirers.

During Coleen's adventure out, the men came one after another, sidling up to make polite conversation over the blaring music and offering to buy her and her four friends from Liverpool rounds of vodka and coke.
Coleen Mcloughlin
All eyes on Coleen as she and friends entertain some male admirers

Coleen Mcloughlin
Coleen basks in the attention with her pal

Coleen Mcloughlin
Whoopsy: Coleen deals with her rogue bikini straps as she floats on a lilo

One in particular appeared to be getting further than the rest, dancing behind Miss McLoughlin, with his hands hovering over her hips as she flings her arms in the air.

But ultimately, she was not for tempting just eight weeks before she marries Rooney – who was in action for Manchester United today against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge – in a £3million wedding on the Italian Riviera.
Coleen Mcloughlin
Hangover cure: Coleen tucks into a plate of food - but it's strictly fresh fruit after her big night out

Coleen Mcloughlin
Sunworshipping: Coleen has been spending her days soaking up the sun and lazing by the pool

Coleen Mcloughlin
Hens by day: Coleen and her pals soak up the sun and relax after their night out on the town

Coleen Mcloughlin
Bottoms up: Coleen's pal has some catching up to do, as the Wag has clearly caught plenty of the sun's rays

The group had eaten at the fashionable Table 8 restaurant on Miami's South Beach before taking a white stretch Hummer limousine to the Mansion nightclub, where they dodged a long queue to enter by the VIP entrance and dance in the VIP section of the venue.

Inside, Coleen chatted with several admiring men who seemed to feel that with Rooney on the other side of the Atlantic, the coast was clear for an approach.

After days of wearing tiny bikinis by the pool, the Closer magazine columnist opted for a silk bandeau jumpsuit and seven-inch patent high-heels.
Coleen Mcloughlin
Out on the town: A tanned Coleen is ready to dance the night away with her girlfriends

Among the group of six is Rooney's cousin Claire, who will be maid of honour at the couple's June wedding near Genoa, northern Italy.

In wedding banns posted at Crewe register office ahead of their June celebration, Coleen surprised the media community by describing herself as a 'journalist'.
Coleen Mcloughlin
'Do you play football?': Coleen chats to an attentive male clubber

Presumably she had been referring to her weekly column in Closer magazine, Welcome To My World.

Such journalism included her disclosure this week that she would not be renewing her contract with Asda, although Asda said the decision was theirs, and that she recently wore a Topshop dress to watch Wayne play at Old Trafford.

In the banns, Wayne perhaps predictably described himself as a 'proffesional footballer', adding in a further 'f' when there is not usually one, and omitting an 's'.

The rights to the wedding have been sold to a glossy magazine for £2.5million.
Coleen Mcloughlin
Dance partners: Coleen struts her stuff while a male clubgoer gyrates behind her

Coleen Mcloughlin
A word in your ear: An admirer gets close to Coleen as the music blares out

Britney takes a break from the gym and hits the beach ... only to spill out of tiny bikini

She might have taken to the treadmill in an ambitious attempt to regain the sexy svelte look which once made her famous.

But as these pictures show, a curvy Britney Spears still has a way to go before she is ready to make her much-awaited comeback.

The princess of pop was taking a break from her new gym routine by sunning herself on a Malibu beach in the company of a friend.
Britney Spear

Rising to the occasion: Britney shows she loves her bright new bikini while enjoying the Malibu sunshine

Spears, who has supposedly dropped twenty pounds in thirty days, decided to show off her body as she spent an afternoon relaxing with a friend in the sunshine.

Sporting a yellow bikini which appeared too tight, the Toxic singer sunbathed, read magazines and at one point even paddled her feet in the water before covering up and heading off home.
Britney Spear

Britney relaxes in the late afternoon sunshine with a friend

The 26-year-old star is currently working on regaining her famous figure amid talk of a highly-anticipated comeback.

The star was spotted working up a sweat on the cardio machines at Bally's Fitness Center in Studio City, Los Angeles, earlier this week.

Sources say the troubled singer has already started recording again and after being reunited with ex-manager Larry Rudolph, and that she has realised it's time to regain her figure, which critics have said she has "let go" since meeting now ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2004.
Britney Spear

Feeling the burn: Britney and her assistant burn off the calories at an LA gym earlier this week

Her "excess" weight has also come under criticism after she stunned fans at the MTV Video Music Awards in September with a disastrous performance of Gimme More.

Britney appeared out of shape as she "walked" through the song, and even appeared to forget her dance routine during the performance.
Britney Spear

Fiasco: Critics accused Britney of being out of shape and ill-prepared for her MTV VMA performance in September

Kelly turns to ex-boyfriend Jason Statham for a shoulder to cry on

Kelly Brook is in need of a shoulder to cry on following her split with Titanic star Billy Zane.

But I'm sure Zane won't be happy to hear Kelly is being comforted by ex-boyfriend Jason Statham.
Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook has turned to ex-boyfriend Jason Statham for support

Kelly and her family kept in touch with Jason when they split," says a friend of the Brook family.

"Jason took ages to get over her and didn't date anyone for years.

"He's seeing someone now but is in touch with Kelly all the time. They are very good friends."
Kelly Brook

Kelly has been getting over her split with Billy

Kelly Brook

Jason and Kelly are still good friends

Leona Lewis is one of Britain's richest young people just 18 months after winning X Factor

Leona Lewis has been named as one of Britain's richest young people - just 18 months after winning X-Factor.

Amy Winehouse was the other new entry in the Britain's Richest Young Millionaires list while soon-to-be-wed Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin tied with Princes William and Harry.

The list, which is part of the Sunday Times Rich List, recorded Leona Lewis, 23, as being worth £6 million after finding fame on both sides of the Atlantic.
Leona Lewis

Leona: Worth £6million just 18 months after winning X Factor

She is the first British solo artist to have a debut album top the US charts, and in Britain she had the biggest selling single of 2007 with Bleeding Love.

Her global career is being masterminded by X Factor judge, Simon Cowell.

Troubled Winehouse, 24, has sold five million copies of her most recent album, Back to Black, and her popularity in the United States has earned her five Grammy Awards, while she has also been nominated for three Ivor Novello songwriting awards.
Leona Lewis

Wayne and Coleen tie with Princes William and Harry in the young rich list

Rooney and Coleen have a joint wealth of £35 million which ties them in 13th place in the young millionaires list with Wills and Harry.

Also making an appearance in the young rich list were 18-year-old Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe who is worth £20 million, and Emma Watson, 18, who has £10 million.

Actress Keira Knightley, 23, has £18 million while footballer Michael Owen, is the richest young footballer with an estimated £41 million.

As Blake mouths sweet nothings at a blonde, has Amy got a new man?

Amy Winehouse has fuelled reports her brief marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil is over after she was photographed cuddling up a new man.

The troubled singer, 24, and Fielder-Civil, 25, have spent over half of their 11-month marriage apart after he was remanded in custody in November on charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Before handing herself in to police for questioning over an alleged pub assault on Friday, the Rehab star spent the previous evening with rumoured new love Alex Haynes, 24.
Amy Winehouse

Who's that boy?: Amy cosies up to Alex Haynes the night before her arrest over an alleged assault

Winehouse has been growing close to her manager Raye Cosbert's assistant Haynes over the last month, much to the delight of the singer's friends and family, who have made no secret of their dislike for Fielder-Civil.

Haynes has been described as a "clean-cut mummy's boy from Gloucestershire" - the opposite to self-confessed drug addict Fielder-Civil.

A friend told The Sun: "It is a relief that it's finally out and they have everyone's 100 per cent backing Alex is a good boy.

"He doesn't smoke or take drugs. He isn't a big drinker. Amy has really fallen for him."
Amy Winehouse

Making her smile: Amy Winehouse clings to Alex Haynes during a night out in Camden

Despite still wearing her wedding ring, Winehouse was happy to be photographed holding hands and gazing into Haynes's eyes on a night out in Camden, north London on Thursday night.

The following day, Haynes was spotted in the back of people carrier with Winehouse when she arrived at Holborn police station for questioning on Friday afternoon.

Winehouse reportedly told music video assistant Fielder-Civil their marriage was over during a visit to Pentonville Prison on Monday.

Yesterday, the singer missed Fielder-Civil's court hearing at Snaresbrook Crown Court, where his trial date was set for June.
Amy Winehouse

Support: Alex Haynes was also with Amy Winehouse as Holborn police station yesterday

However, blonde German model Sophie Schandorff, 21, was in Winehouse's usual place to support Fielder-Civil and the couple caused a stir by mouthing "I love you" to each other.

When asked about the nature of her relationship with Fielder-Civil, Schandorff said: "We are best of friends."

Fielder-Civil has pleaded not guilty to charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in relation to an assault case.

He denies causing grievous bodily harm with intent to landlord James King outside the Macbeth pub in north London in June 2007.
Amy Winehouse

Happier times: Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil on their wedding day in Florida last May

A friend of the singer adds: "She has been fed up for ages and saying she wants to call it a day.

"All Blake does is scream and shout at her on the phone from prison and curse at her and his family blame her and criticise her.

"The trial is coming up and as it gets nearer and nearer the thought that he could come out has been on her mind — and it's not what she wants any more.

"Even the thought of having to go to court and publicly support him and see his family has been too much for her and has been doing her head in.

Amy Winehouse

Courting attention: Sophie Schandorff and Blake Fielder-Civil mouthed 'I love you' to each other at his hearing yesterday

She has been turning up late and missing visits so she decided to just be straight with him.

"He burst into tears and was begging her.

"While he has been inside she has not been faithful to him and got herself in a position where he couldn't come back anyway because too much has gone on while he has been inside.

"She is filing for separation and making it official and has been celebrating ever since."

Winehouse was cautioned for common assault today after spending the night in Holborn police station in central London.

She has been accused of hitting a passer-by who hailed her a taxi outside a bar in Camden Town, north London, in the early hours of Wednesday after a six-hour pub crawl.

The self-confessed junkie is also alleged to have punched Moroccan musician Mustapha el Mounmi in the face because he did not give up a pool table in Bar Tok in Camden.

Geri Halliwell's obsession with fitness is driving her new man to despair

Could Geri Halliwell's fitness obsession be driving a wedge between her and the new man in her life?

The Spice Girl's daily two-hour work-outs have apparently left her new dancer boyfriend Ivan Velez close to despair.
Geri Halliwell's

Geri Halliwell's dedication to fitness could be driving her new man away

Ivan is extremely fit but does not dedicate his life to body-toning the way Geri does," says a pal of the couple.
Geri Halliwell's

The Spice Girl has being making boyfriend Ivan 'Flipz' Velez go on early morning bike rides

He complains that her house is like a bootcamp. Geri has been involving him in stretching sessions after her rigorous routines and has made him go on long bike rides and early-morning runs."

However, Ivan is more than happy to play with the singer's two-year-old daughter Bluebell. Adds the friend: "Ivan does ten headspins in a row to entertain her."
Geri Halliwell's

Flipz and Geri out to dinner at London's San Carlo restaurant

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Amy Winehouse quizzed by police after breaking down in tears over assault claims

Amy Winehouse broke down in tears this afternoon as she prepared to be questioned by police over claims she attacked a man after a night out.

The troubled singer, 24, arrived at a London police station this afternoon for questioning.

She is expected to be arrested after a 38-year-old man alleged she assaulted him.
Amy Winehouse

Distressed: Amy Winehouse was in tears today as she was driven away from her home

Amy Winehouses

Winehouse arrives at Holborn Police Station to be questioned by police over an assault allegation

She was clearly distressed as she was driven away from her home in Camden, North London.

Before she was due at Holborn police station she caused chaos when she unexpectedly arrived outside her god-daughter's school in Bromley.

Scores of pupils from Beaverwood School for Girls swarmed around Winehouse's car when she pulled up shortly after 2pm.
Amy Winehouse

Trouble: Scotland Yard detectives investigating claims she attacked a man. Here Amy is pictured before going to the police station

The singer has been photographed shopping with her god-daughter in the past and has introduced her to celebrities including Kelly Osbourne.

Police were expected to question Winehouse about an incident in Chalk Farm Road in the early hours of Wednesday. She was trying to get the taxi when a 38-year-old man approached.

She is said to have believed he was trying to molest her and butted him in the face.

If convicted of assault she could face up to six months in jail and a £2,000 fine.

Meanwhile, Winehouse's husband Blake Fielder-Civil appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court, in East London, charged with assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Amy Winehouse

Courting attention: Sophie Schandorff and Blake Fielder-Civil mouthed 'I love you' to each other at his hearing today

The 25-year-old denies causing grievous bodily harm with intent to pub landlord James King of Risley, Derbyshire.

He also denies an allegation that he conspired with his alleged victim to pervert the course of justice. Fielder-Civil was remanded in custody and a provisional trial date was set for June 2.

Amy failed to turn up for the hearing - not that Fielder-Civil appeared to notice. He was warned for repeatedly smiling and trying to communicate with a beautiful blonde siting in the public gallery.
Amy Winehouse

Erratic: the 24-year-old's behaviour has become increasingly bizarre in recent times

Amy Winehouse

Temper: the star allegedly 'head-butted' a 38-year-old man

He mouthed, "You all right, babe?" and "I love you" to Sophie Schandorff. Fielder-Civil even made a beckoning gesture suggesting she visit him in prison.

Schandorff, 21, also gestured and mouthed back, "I love you, I love you", but was warned to stop by the court clerk.

She later told reporters that Fielder-Civil was a close friend and that the pair had known one another for sometime.
Amy Winehouse

Chaos: Amy made a pit stop at her god daughter's school on her way to the station

Last night Winehouse showed no sign of curbing her increasingly erratic behaviour.

As soon as her legal team left, she slipped out of her red dress and into her normal scruffy attire to head out with friends at 10pm.

After a quick session in a local pub, The Good Mixer, she headed round the corner to the Made In Brasil restaurant.
Amy Winehouse

Mess: Amy Winehosue was back out on another bender in Camden last night

Amy Winehouse

House call: Sadie Frost paid Amy a visit at her Camden den in the early hours

Winehouse was apparently asked to leave after she was allegedly caught taking drugs in the toilet. These claims have been entirely denied by her representatives.

She then rounded up her friends and headed to her flat to continue the party. On her way there, she stopped off at a shop to stock up on disposable lighters.

Amy spent most of the night on the arm of rocker Kristian Marr - the pair were holding hands and grabbing each other's bums as they made their way through Camden.

Towers Of London bassist Kristian, 24, had been linked with Sadie Frost, 42, until a couple of months ago, when it was revealed she flew to Mauritius to get over their split.
Amy Winehouse

Advice: members of Amy's legal team visited her home yesterday afternoon

However, Sadie and her sister Jade Davidson arrived at Amy's flat at 2am, and stayed for more than an hour before both sisters left in a car with Kristian.

There were clearly no bitter feelings, as Sadie sent her driver back to Amy's with two carrier bags, one from Agent Provocateur.

An attached note read: "Hey, have sent you some clothes. I love you. Thanks for your hospitality... you b*gger xx.”

Today it was announced she has entered the Sunday Times list of Britain's wealthiest young millionaires with an estimated fortune of £10m.
Amy Winehouse

Troubles: On the night of the alleged assault, Amy was spotted carrying what looked like a joint at The Good Mixer in Camden

Angelina Jolie ditches her 'goth' look for vibrant yellow to show off her baby bump

Sunny delight: Gothic Angelina Jolie embraces a vibrant yellow look for her swelling baby bump.

The usually dark and brooding Angelina Jolie appears to have embraced a sunnier look for her maternity wardrobe.
Angelina Jolie

Sunny delight: Angelina looks stunning in a canary yellow chiffon dress, after ditching her dark goth look for the sunny colour. She was seen at restaurant Marina in Los Angeles yesterday

Dressed in a vibrant yellow chiffon dress, with a plunging bodice, and flats the Hollywood star who is said to be expecting twins with partner Brad Pitt, looked a picture pre-natal health.

Angelina was seen at Los Angeles restaurant Marino on rare outing without any members of her family as neither Brad or her kids were in attendance.

Her delightful new look made a change from usual fashion diet of dark, full-length maxi dresses.
Angelina Jolie

Scowl: But despite her more vibrant look, the actress had a bit of a scowl on her much photographed face

Angelina's usual sombre black look has seen her compared to the 'Goth' fashion tribe, who dress head to toe in the mournful colour.

But despite the change in approach to maternity wear, the sunny disposition didn't extend to Angelina's countenance which appeared to be more of a scowl as she made her entrance to the LA restaurant.

The star, also used her huge handbag to shield her bump from the cameras, but later, as she left the restaurant, it could be seen more clearly.
Angelina Jolie

Full bloom: Angelina reveals her swelling bump as she leaves the restaurant looking happier than when she entered

The busy star certainly hasn't let the impending birth affect her packed schedule.

Recently she took part in a ground-breaking ceremony alongside actor partner Brad Pitt to build homes for Hurricane Katrina refugees.

And earlier this month she attended a high-profile meeting in Washington to urge the international community to take responsibility for the education of Iraqi children.

The Jolie-Pitt brood currently numbers four: Maddox, six; Pax, four; Zahara, three; and Shiloh, who turns two next month.

Angelina is rumoured to be planning to attend Cannes Film Festival in May as her animated film, 'Kung Fu Panda' from Paramount, will be premièring at the film festival.

And the Clint Eastwood directed film 'Changeling' - a 1920s-period mystery about a missing child that stars Angelina - has also been announced as part of the films entered in the prestigious film competition.

Still fabulous at 46, Heather Locklear looks stunning in a tiny red bikini

At 46, a lot of women would shy away from sunning themselves in a skimpy bikini.

However, a lot of women don't look like actress and model Heather Locklear.

As these pictures show the blonde star has a figure to give Hollywood's younger actresses a run for their money.
Still fabulous at 46, Heather Locklear looks stunning in a tiny red bikini

Enviable figure: Blonde bombshell Heather Locklear at 46

Still fabulous at 46, Heather Locklear looks stunning in a tiny red bikini

Fun-loving Heather films a surfing scene

Wearing a tiny red bikini, Heather looked sensational as she filmed surfing scenes from her new movie Flirting with 40.

In her latest role she plays a woman who goes on holiday to Hawaii after a divorce and falls in love with her surfing instructor.

Best known for her roles in Dynasty, Melrose Place and Spin City, Locklear has always played the foxy blonde bombshell.

And if these shots are anything to go by, there's no reason she needs to stop now.
Still fabulous at 46, Heather Locklear looks stunning in a tiny red bikini

Heather Locklear in glamorous form with former husband Richie Sambora at the Golden Globes

The camera never lies: Jordan undergoes 'Botox' procedure...on her television show

Having taken the decision to open up her life - and her family - to the cameras, it should come as no surprise that they were included when Jordan decided to have the anti-wrinkle cosmetic procedure 'Botox' on her television show.

Along with Liberty X singer and friend Michelle Heaton, the pair were seen onscreen, in scenes screened last night on her ITV2 reality show Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter, having Botox injections.
The camera never lies: Jordan undergoes 'Botox' procedure...on her television showOuch: Jordan undergoes cosmetic procedure Botox in scenes from her reality show Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter screened on ITV2 last night

The camera never lies: Jordan undergoes 'Botox' procedure...on her television showFan: Katie has long professed to be a fan of the anti-wrinkle procedure which costs around £400 a time

The 29-year-old, who now prefers to be known as Katie Price, has long confessed to a fondness for the anti-wrinkle Botox injections which reportedly cost £400 a time.

But Katie who said she hates needles was seen visibly shrinking from the doctor as he begun the procedure in the scenes which were filmed back in January.

Clearly the urge to stay young and fresh-looking is stronger than her dislike of needles.
The camera never lies: Jordan undergoes 'Botox' procedure...on her television show
Fear factor: Katie said she hates needles and was seen visibly shrinking from the doctor

The camera never lies: Jordan undergoes 'Botox' procedure...on her television show
Painful: Katie looks to be in some pain, screwing up her face as she gets another jab

Katie has had a raft of cosmetic procedures following the birth of her third child Tiaamii, including a nose job, a breast reduction, and cosmetic veneers for her teeth.

She is reputed to have spent a staggering £43,000 on cosmetic surgery.

The glamour model turned novelist had her 32FF chest reduced to a less cartoonish size last December.

It brought her chest size down to a 32D, and was a Christmas present from her husband Peter Andre, 34.
The camera never lies: Jordan undergoes 'Botox' procedure...on her television show
Michelle Heaton accompanied pal Katie to the doctors for the age-defying procedure which is loved by celebrities, from A-list to Z-list

However, the mother of three is currently back in Beverly Hills and has visited her surgeon to discuss a second breast reduction after being left disappointed the downsize.

The former glamour model has complained they were still too big.

She said: "I want to go a lot smaller. More pert. More stuck-on looking."

And Katie has since urged others considering surgery to "stay natural".

She added: "I've been through all this and look at the state of me."
The camera never lies: Jordan undergoes 'Botox' procedure...on her television show
Barbie world: Katie and Peter are in Beverly Hills as she has consulted her plastic surgeon to have another breast reduction operation