Romanian Tuning Firm Drops the Top on Dacia Logan

For the time being, Dacia's parent company Renault doesn't seem to have any solid plans to further expand the range of its low-cost Logan subcompact, but that hasn't stopped tuning companies from creating their own unique proposals.

Enter the world of Auto K9, a tuning house based in Romania. The company has just presented its latest creation in the form of a one-off Dacia Logan Convertible study based on the sedan model.

Aside from chopping the roof, the tuning firm also removed the rear doors and extended the front ones. From what we understand, the car doesn't come with a top of any sorts.

Other touches include a bodykit, chunky alloy wheels and a customized interior swathed in white leather plus a high-end audio system.

Source: 4Tuning [Hat tip to Valentin]