Toyota iQ Disco Concept to Glamour Rock German Showrooms

Say 'hallo' to Toyota's bling-bling shiny iQ Disco, a concept model that was created by the firm's German division purely for demonstration purposes as the oversized Japanese disco ball on wheels will tour dealerships all over the country, starting from showrooms in Cologne.

The tiny Toyota model, which will be sold to Americans under the Scion brand and to super rich buyers under the Aston Martin brand as the Cygnet, has been wrapped in a disco-ball-like sparkling foil and features 18-inch alloy wheels and scissor doors.

The transformation wouldn't be complete without a professional DJ system that consists of 15-inch bass reflex subwoofer, a two-channel mixer and two Numark NDX 800 players. Toyota said the system can play various music formats and delivers up to 1000 watts and a peak sound pressure of 130 dB.